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Self Esteem & Social Skills courses for Children and Youth

Fun Friends

A 10 week programme for children aged 4-7yrs teaching emotional resilience that will stay with them for life.  It teaches practical strategies for coping with stress, worry, fear and sadness. The programme promotes self esteem, self confidence and friendship skills and will help your child to engage positively with their peers at school.

Friends for Life

A 10 week programme for social and emotional programme for 8-12yrs and 13+ yrs.  This is a free, fun programme that assists children and youth to build resilience, confidence, self esteem and to learn important techniques and strategies to cope with feelings of fear, worry and depression.

Rock & Water

A 10 week programme for boys aged 8-12 years, 13+years. This is a physical programme that helps boys manage their emotional responses, particularly their anger and managing bullying situations.

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